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Bespoke Personalised Ceramics

Are you a business looking for high-quality, handmade ceramic products, personalised to reflect your brand?

I collaborate with independent, artisan businesses to design and create unique, bespoke, ceramic products.

Products range from homeware items; candle accessories, soap dishes, incense burners, planters to luxury domestic items, such as; coffee mugs, plates, bowls, teapots.


I specialise in designing and throwing branded, ceramic tankards for breweries. These skills have been passed down to me from my father, Alistair Young, an established studio potter.

I use a range of traditional printing techniques such as metal/acrylic/rubber stamping to impress logos into the ceramics. I also create my own handmade, underglaze ceramic transfer sheets through the process of screen-printing which dates back to the 1800's, for more intricate designs.

Bespoke handthrown ceramic tankards for Deya Brewery
Handmade ceramic tankards for Deya Brewery

Ceramic tankards


I make functional pottery, hand-thrown on my potter's wheel, here, in the heart of the Cotswolds. My range of handmade tableware has a warm, rustic feel, combined with accents of pattern which create an energetic, contemporary feel. My glazes are all mixed by hand from raw ingredients and range from earthy tones to bright energetic colours to reflect the mood and taste of the user.  I use a range of stoneware clays and fire my pottery in an electric kiln, to cone 6.

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